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ISC Paris - Business School and Accademia del Lusso Milan, two distinguished European training institutes, have joined forces to run MBA courses with international scope focused on business management in the fashion and culture sectors.

Those who decide to undertake an MBA course, universally recognised as the highest degree of specialisation in the field of business management, know what they want from life: managerial skills of the highest level, a career, and professional prestige.

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Accademia del Lusso Milan

Founded in 2005 with the aim of training qualified professionals for the fashion and luxury sectors on managerial and creative levels. It is a complete and dynamic reality, aimed at those who want to undertake a career in the fashion & luxury field as well as those who already work in the sector and who want to specialise or update their existing skills. All of the courses at Accademia del Lusso reflect Made in Italy style as a model of excellence which is recognised and appreciated across the world. More...
Teaching methods include interactive lessons, workshops, seminars, visits to businesses and attendance at fashion shows and sector-related events and fairs. Thanks to the development of a worldwide network of partner schools and universities, Accademia del Lusso guarantees its students an international training experience, and allows them to broaden their career prospects globally.
The main site of Accademia del Lusso is in Milan on Via Montenapoleone 5, the most exclusive fashion street in the whole of Italy found within the city of luxury and important brands.

ISC Paris - Business School

Established in 1963, ISC Paris - Business School is committed to providing business students with the high quality management skills necessary to operate and perform in a global environment. ISC Paris is part of the highly selective French “Grandes Ecoles” recruiting system, which groups higher education establishments that operate outside the sphere of Universities. ISC Paris is located in Paris, where the majority of leading French multinational corporations are based. More...
The school benefits from the business reputation of the French capital, a major location where professional forums, conferences, and trade fairs are held. It follows that studying at ISC Paris can open doors to multiple careers in a variety of areas, including those involved in fashion, finance, high tech, hospitality, information systems, international trade, luxury goods, retail distribution, technology, as well as multimedia.
All programmes in Business and Management Studies give students access to unlimited competences which will surely boost them in their later careers. With our network of more than 155 partner universities in over 51 countries, ISC Paris encourages students to discover a diversity of cultures in order to gain a broader international perspective.

Paris - Milan: dynamic cities

The MBA courses run by ISC Paris and Accademia del Lusso Milan take place partly in Paris, and partly in Milan. These two cities, inspirational locations unique in the world, are compulsory stops for those who want to build a career in business management within the fashion and luxury sectors. Paris, the modern French business capital, boasts a centuries-old tradition in the field of excellence. Milan is the heart of Italian fashion, and an inexhaustible source of avant-garde styles and trends. Undertaking a specialist study path in two cities which are so dynamic and fascinating allows students to live a highly qualifying and exclusive training experience.